Return/Replacement Process

Contact seller via email with all info and problems occurring with the Rutech Solutions bypass Kit including any CEL codes and dashboard light . The buyer might need a code reader. You can visit an Auto parts store to retain this information.

Please wait for response from Rutech Solutions, response could take up to 3 business days.
After receiving a response from the Rutech Solutions agreeing to a return or replacement of a complete kit (including a Bypass Module and two blocker plates for the engine size of your purchased kit or a portion of the kit agreed upon with the seller) complete the returns/replacements form (Click here). The form must be completed in full.

Ship the Toyota Bypass Kit to the provided address on the form with the completed form inside the returning package you provide. Shipping costs will not be refunded, buyer must pay all return shipping fees. THE FORM MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE RETURN PACKAGE. ( A returned package without a completed form could lead to the cancellation of the replacement swap.


The replacement swap process could take up to two weeks after Rutech Solutions shipping department receives the package and QC inspects the product. The buyer will be notified if a replacement Kit will be issued or the replacement request is cancelled via email, ( Email will be sent to the email address the associated with the original purchase order) . Rutech Solutions will take an action of the options below. Replacement swap is granted.
Replacement swap is denied and a refund is issued.
Replacement Swap is denied and cancelled if due to damage caused by the buyer.


View the return/replacement form