Solving SAIS Issues: The Ultimate Bypass Kit for Toyota and Lexus Vehicles

About Rutech Solutions

Rutech Solutions is a father-son team specializing in providing a practical solution for Toyota and Lexus vehicles affected by Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS) problems. We offer the Rutech Solutions Bypass Kit, designed for Toyota Tundra, 4-Runner, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and Lexus GX470, GX570, LX470, and LX570 models with 4.7L and 5.7L engines.

Our Story

Our journey began when we faced SAIS issues in our own vehicles. Existing solutions often involved cutting into the factory wiring harness, which we wanted to avoid. We developed a “no cutting” plug-and-play bypass kit to address these problems efficiently and effectively. Our main goal is to help customers save time and money, providing a reliable solution for this common issue. Our warranty and return policy are straightforward: if the kit doesn’t work for you, we accept almost all returns.

Understanding SAIS

The Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS) works with your vehicle’s exhaust system to reduce hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions after a cold start. The system injects air into the exhaust manifolds to help the engine reach optimal temperature quickly. The SAIS system typically shuts off after about 30 seconds.

Fixing Error Code P2445

Error code P2445 indicates a significant issue within the Air Injection Pump (AIP) system, often leading to "limp mode" and a check engine light. Repairing this can be costly, ranging from $1,500 to $3,500. Our bypass kit resolves this issue by communicating with the AIP drivers to bypass the faulty air injection pumps. This eliminates the P2445 code, clears the dash lights, and restores normal vehicle operation.

Secondary Air Injection Bypass Kit

The Rutech Solutions Bypass Kit includes a cable harness and circuitry that bypasses the problematic SAIS drivers. It plugs into the vehicle's MAF sensor and/or ECT sensor, depending on the model year. The kit also includes blocker plates to prevent future issues related to codes P1441, P1444, P2440, and P2442. Installing these plates is highly recommended to ensure long-term reliability.

Common Issue: P2445 in Toyota Tundra (2004-2013)

The P2445 code is prevalent in Toyota Tundras from 2004 to 2013, caused by insufficient air pressure from the air injection pump or a faulty fuse. This can result in reduced acceleration and “limp mode.” Our bypass kit addresses this by preventing the SAIS from activating the pumps during a cold start, thus clearing the P2445 code and restoring normal function.

2008 and Later Toyota Models

For 2008 and later Toyota models, we offer the GEN II bypass kit. Our earlier kits had a miscommunication error with the ECU, causing a P011B code related to the engine coolant temperature sensor. The updated GEN II kit eliminates this issue, ensuring seamless operation without triggering the P011B code.

Explore our solutions and get your vehicle back on the road without the hassle of expensive repairs. Visit [Rutech Solutions]( to learn more.

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