Is the SAIS/AIP Secondary Air Induction System Bypass Module easy to install?

Yes, this module was designed with ease in mind, this module will eliminate the need for cutting or modification of your existing vehicle wiring – it simply plugs into the wiring harness connecting your MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to your ECM (Electronic Control Module). 


  • Purchased one of these about a month ago and it has stopped working just this week. Can you give me a call and discuss what may or may not be happening. thanks Ike Maples 830 279 1501.

    Bill Maples
  • Beware of warranty being offered. I purchased the bypass module in November 2015 and it failed in March 2016 now Mr. Ruberg has yet to contact me back to complete my warranty claim. Buyer beware.

    Adam Miller
  • Connected the bypass module and blocking plates disconnected the battery to clear codes. Reconnected the battery and started the truck. Check engine light still on and VSC off light still on. Do the air pumps need to connected/unplugged?

    Ricky Elkins

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